The Jazz Butcher Feedback

What? Going out?
derek_nimmo_007... - Christopher Love Kitten - 8Apr2004 1:09 PM
Sounds like a blast. I used to go out you know. Married now......pass the remote control, and the Maldon sea salt. Just don't rub it in.

Well worth the trip
msewell... - Matt from Juxon St - 5Apr2004 9:38 AM
Thought it was a fantastic evening - lovely venue: warm and cheery atmosphere in an old-fashioned community centre stylee and fantastic music.

Loved the Brian Wilson song (not Brian Jones as I drunkenly congratulated Pat on the song!) and thought that this along with Tread Water was alone worth the trip...

Slipstream were great - nice to hear yer analogue synths and lovely Rickenbacker... mmm...

We'll definitely be back!


slipstream at the labour club
sunny leicester... - andy black - 5Apr2004 5:26 AM
it was an ace night, most amusing, and with an excellent soundtrack,

next time we'll come down again from sunny leicester, and instead find somewhere to stay so as to continue the post gig charlie bradlaugh visit as well.

ace night, ta pat.

The average man on the Clapham Love Bus
andyzed1... - NN1 - 4Apr2004 9:04 AM
Great Night.
A lot of people would pay a lot of money to be that entertained! Lets hope Sky don't catch a sniff and get these Friday nights on PPV.
First up was Pat. His mini-concept-gig was as joyous as ever. The Love Bus renditions bringing back happy memories of simpler times.
David J's "Stop This City" also led to flashbacks of student life. And as for Treading Water, well what the heck was that all about?!?! Rhythmic chaos :o)
Hadn't seen Big Tim Sansom since his Tell Tale Hearts days. How come he hasn't aged in all those years? Monkey glands is my bet.
Then Slipstream. This was the closest the Labour Club has come to stadium rock. The noise, the heaving mass of bodies, the queues for drinks, the queues for the toilets. Great tunes, brilliantly played. I think we may have witnessed something special tonight.
Slipstream. Remember the name.
Thanks Pat. Great night, brilliantly organised.

Nothampton last night
ian... - Brighton, UK - 3Apr2004 2:17 PM
Came for Slipstream, predictably enough, but caught most of Pat's set, which was ace. Not seen Pat play live since Undrugged almost ten years ago, where it seemed that most of the kids didn't know who he was, to their loss - except my mate Paul, who waited for a quiet bit before shouting "knock 'em dead, Butch!".