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Long shot motel
jesusblood... - Chris, Lancaster - 18Apr2007 12:42 PM
Hi Pat, don't suppose you'd consider playing a wedding would you? Me and my fiancee have been JBC fans since we met... as much as you can drink?

woj... - woj - 11Mar2007 4:55 PM
so is the mailing list dead and gone now?

England visit & Brian Wilson schtuff
rachel... - Rachel -- Los Angeles - 10Jan2007 3:51 PM
Dearest Mr. Fish, I will be in your neck of the woods in early summer for a couple weeks, and I am bringing my young nephew. I am desperately hoping you will be playing SOMEWHERE btwn 23 of June and July 6...he's 18 and impressionable and needs to see you play!

I will bring Brian Wilson gifts as bribe --

Minneapolis, cold hear, warm butchers...
s_iverson... - Suki in Minneapolis - 17Nov2006 9:25 AM
Why don't you come up and see us sometime!?

... we miss your Butchie-ways...

rominapituelli... - Romina /Bs As/Argentina - 11Nov2006 6:28 PM
Hello from Argentina, listen: I want to get WAITING FOR THE LOVE BUS Please tell me where can i do it, because i coluldn,t buy it by Amazon
I think you´re Great!!

Come back JBC..come back!
chedean777... - Carol from Southern California - 28Sep2006 9:17 AM
Where are you.....where are you my JBC! We miss you dearly...we need our doses! Come back...come back....come back...Please come back!

It's pains me that JBC has diminished! It's like DEATH! You have no idea, how deep the cut feels!

Forever my devotion to JBC!

Future tours outside the UK/Germany??
wpas... - Jay, Perth Australia - 15Sep2006 5:13 AM
Any chance that the Jazz Butcher (solo or with any one of the conspirators) will get back to San Francisco or (less likely but Preferably) Perth, Australia in the near future? Although the CDs get me by it is always nice to see how it all comes together live and in person.

Just putting my request in!


Missin' the Fish...
Jonathanj... - Jonathan J/Calgary Canada - 6May2006 10:26 PM
Yo Mister Fish sir. Q.Q.(quick question)
If you were to contemplate revisting Calgary or Canada, could you, should you, would you contact me prior to as I'd
be interested in promoting thy show.
Hope & trust all is well.


kaiserheri... - Kaiser Heribert, Bavaria - 22Apr2006 6:29 AM
How about a gig in or near Munich - Recently I told my 6 year old boy about the best club-band ever ...

Sue.Bennett... - madmumsue MK - 21Apr2006 2:31 PM
I cannot believe the JB is still going strong. Hee hee I have all the original glass records!!!! That shows my age - went to gigs from 1983 when David J joined up. Stopped the gigs after a few years cos I went abroad and just bought the CDs. Thought you had all disbanded! Music still superfantisco - how about a gig in MK cos NPTON a bit seedy for an old gal like me. I forgive you all the humiliation I suffered as an innocent young thing back then! Bloody photographers!