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bored of canada
wretched... - Felching, Ontario - 25Nov2004 6:47 PM
Well, I am.

Slauthcer Joe
Samuel KB Ampong The Incredible Return... - Accra, Ghana - 25Nov2004 6:44 PM
In 1969 is finally all being finished with beatles band. No way for the music any further on accounting to personnel differentses and also intractable situation of Yoko. For times it is an Emrson Lake & Palmier world and all wear large greatcoat coming with national air force service to showing alienated state of the British youth until is reviving Small Faces of Kinks and Monkeys with Sex Pistols, starting of PUNK ROCK WARS in UK. Clash it is with pidgeons and sten guns on the roof of Nights' Bridge. Paul Weller makes a god father for mods and Toyah Wilcox horrific Andrew Lloyd Webber event in a coffin but not until 19 eihgtys is Chelsea finally world famous donkey sanctuary of Soviet oil businesses awaking protest of Nicholas Parson, Daniel Tracy, Ed Balls and Slauhgtre Joe knowing house of Sid Barnett but anger roady crew and horror punters never working again most bravely in this arena rock. Please writing to musician fan in Accra one time meeting Raquel from Slow Dive.

come back slautghter joe... all is forgive bring wheel chair
you... - Brno - 25Nov2004 2:10 AM
It is 9:33am I have stayed up all night drinking traktor juice and I am still thinking is Sonic new syd hhhmmm I am thinking still. is he bald? no is he fat? no has he wrote songs about gnomes? no does he live with his mother? I dont know
yes you are right roddy he is
now here comes the new old pink floyd........Boards of Canada
HA so now who is syd and do you know where he lives we do

Roddy Reilly... - Aberdeen - 19Nov2004 9:32 AM
Anybody here wanna talk about music? I mean, if Spiritualized are the new Pink Floyd, doesn't that make Sonic Syd Barrett?

black helicopters
Lieutenant Colonel Randy Offitt... - First Earth Battallion - 19Nov2004 9:29 AM
Hey, you Czechs. Go easy on the red mercury, will ya? You're messing with my space here, guys. Peace, Randy.

In the Erth
Karel... - Cesky Budeovice - 18Nov2004 9:07 PM
Red mercury often times be-come most innfamous by Chechen horror men activity. IS NOTHING. Whot it is on is best for Jazz Butcer forum of dialektik is no RED MERCURY. Is BlAck Eg.

what on earth?
rdwos... - Carol - 18Nov2004 8:53 AM
What are you on and where can I get some?

hempy... - ostrava - 16Nov2004 5:06 PM
Istanbul man he come say Baldhead Like Doctor, isnt it, laughing four hours wot I bileve. Doctors. No Doctors. No no Doctors. Professor in the ERT appear soon all imposturs of Czech Republik paying hevvy and brutal prizes. Beautifull isn't it the music banned? All thing considering, manny thanks No Doctors. Thank yu.
Hempy. A frend.

Karol (So called VON) dammering is PIG..... Still....!!!!! [at]-remove-*x##
you... - <*)))>< - 14Nov2004 1:38 AM
People of the world
there is comink to our epipicalian church hall
in Brno one guy with a small crocodelico on a leash and he is saying of he will mak us stars
so he is kumink to our reehersull rooms there
with a small tape recorder and making the reecording of us play then ha big joke the very famouse Alan mugee is making the record with the name black egg and this music is steeling from my music THE SHORT WAVE BANNeD
so now I am come to Northampton for a weekend and I am letting go the crickets of virus to make one time only transmission of the world end.
This Pat fish is work for Karol and he is giving my tapes to the Creation record label
So Now all the music must die horrible death

Professor in thee ert
Brno 14/11/2004