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just another note to say cheers
kevinbrindley... - kev in kent - 22Sep2009 10:39 AM
Dear Sir,
I cant help it but I feel that I have to write again to say thankyou. I have made a cd of the songs available on this site for my car and its great but I would rather pay for an official cd from yourself. Any chance that you might release some more of your material? Maybe a multi cd pack with EVERYTHING!! Interviews, comments, out-takes. Could we not order from this site? Cheers again.

Mind Like a Playground..
stephen.dixon8... - Stevie Disco Cardiff - 5May2009 9:59 AM
Hey Pat,
I contacted you a while back with a JBC query and you personally invited me to a gig, which was an amazing thing to do - thanks for that. Unfortunately, I couldn't go, I was moving house, but I have always remembered the gesture.
I was wondering how would I get hold of releases these days? I'd rather buy them direct from JBC HQ than put the money into the hands of some squalid E-Bay shop merchant. Know what I mean?

Love ya
TSchimmelschmidt... - Thomas, near Cologne - 21Jul2008 1:22 PM
Hey...last comment dates from january...that still reflects your "popularity"...but I have to say: I'm VERY astonished to see you're still here..and it's a shame you guys do gigs that seldom nowadays...but back in those days, during the 80s & 90s too you were one of the really great underground acts and kinda like a part of the soundtrack for my life at that time. I just discovered this site while "ripping" some old vinyl for my MP3-archive...and have to say: GODD TO SEE YOU'RE STILL HERE :-) Keep on doing whatever you do!

Best regards

i love your music
dkfinancial... - Darcy K, Toronto/Detroit - 22Jan2008 8:22 AM
OMFG I can't believe your music is here. Jazz Butcher had a big impact on me in the 80s/early 90s, and I'd put your music up there, in terms of overall quality, with the Smiths and Style Council. I still have all the LPs, so I don't feel bad about d/l MP3s here. :)

I know it sounds daft but your ironic sense of humour makes me think of Ricky Gervais, either in The Office or Extras. Don't know why.

Have a great day!

My Space -Picture
jamiejack1... - Mike - 25Apr2007 9:01 PM

I just noticed that the snapshot you've chosen for your myspace space was clicked by none other than myself. Great memories of a Chicago boy in NYC to see what was billed as the JBC's swan song. I'm glad it wasn't. Keep on keepin' on...

plasticsoul2001... - PSoul, San Gabriel, CA - 29Oct2006 6:44 AM
Have my eyes gone all wonky or have the videos disappeared? I thought I would drop by this morning and start my day with a little "Girl Go" visual. No go. Oh well, we will make up for it with all of Basement via the iPod. That will get you going more proper than a bowl of wheaties. I just had a visual of The JBC on a Wheaties box. More collectable than the Mary Lou Retton!

In Bath of Bacon
nataliec26... - Sacramento, CA. USofA - 4Sep2005 6:20 PM
The comment "...VERY early eighties..." does not mean that In Bath of Bacon was not a great album! If there is no hope of re-releasing this masterpiece can you please make it available for download? I purchased "Draining the Glass" because there are two songs from this album. Not enough though, I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Kittens are only six inches tall...

good old times
zotenschmied... - ratingen, germany - 3Aug2005 1:59 AM
i haven't come across the jazz butcher for quiet a long time. while surfing around i visited today for the first time.

congratulations, great and informative website.

and the generous audio downloads are marvellous. the music makes me feel good and will accompany we not only for today. later i will get out my old vinyl recordings and have more fun with the jazz butcher and max eider.

Jan aka El Duderino... - Hamburg, Germany - 19Jul2005 3:40 PM
Thanks for this great site! The Jazz Butcher rulez! And of course: Thanks for the great music!

I am so glad I found this!
lt.lucky... - Philadelphia, PA - 26May2005 3:56 PM
Around 1990 I was introduced to the Conspiracy
by my friend iggi. After plying my ears with
the wonders of A Scandal in Bohemia and
Fiscotheque, he informed me of the approaching
presence of the Butcher himself!

We caught up with the Cult of the Basement at (I
believe) the Diamond Club in Toronto, and thanks
to iggi's conversations with David Whittemore,
ended up backstage to greet Mr. Fish! I wish I
could go on about what a fabulous evening it
was, but a certain roadie was in charge of
drinks, and my memory grew dim.

Watching a dozen wind-up monsters roam the stage
was a highlight for me... Thanks so much for the
songs - it has been a while since I've listened
and I was at once transported to a remarkable
place. I enjoyed listening to the recording
from Soundshaft immensely today.