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FB Live Show???
doc6502... - Doc - 12Jun2020 7:47 AM
Live from Fishy Mansions, Sunday 14 June
Europe 22:00
London 21:00
New York: 16:00
CHICAGO: 15:00
L.A. 13:00

les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - 3Jun2020 9:34 AM
Thanks for your human jungle video. Like we say in french: ces chansons n'ont pas pris une ride...!

Re: Box Sets
therecordstop... - Thomas USA - 22Sep2019 4:19 AM
The Violent years and Wasted Years boxes were great. Are we going to see a 3rd covering the last 4 albums? We really should! Thanks

22 of june's gig
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Besançon - 30Jun2019 12:52 PM
Seems to be quiet a gig...!
Too bad Northampton, UK is so far from Besançon, France...

rene... - Rene Walczak Indy - 14Feb2019 6:19 PM
Will always find my way back JBC Rosemary Davis where E U? Cheers Pat!

Reviews on AllMusic
emailaddyshows[at]howcomeitdoesthat... - Justanotherdarnedex-critic, Somewhere USA - 21Sep2018 4:32 AM
Was looking through your website and noticed you didn't have links to reviews at the AllMusic website for your albums. The ones there are generally very positive, so you might want to do so. I wrote some of them, so I should know... BTW, love most of your stuff I've encountered (though have only heard through "Cult of the Basement"), with "Scandal in Bohemia" being my favorite -- truly fine stuff. Here's a link to that review:

You might be aware of them, but if not, you may want to take a look. Best wishes!

Wasted Years CD's
johnnybrew... - John Hall (Indianapolis) - 12Jan2018 1:49 PM
I am curious if the Wasted years re-issue have been remastered/remixed or whatever. I already own all these discs, though my copy of Big Planet/Scarey Planet has a very annoying skip during one of the songs. I also thought the vocal tracks on that album were a little muddy or surpressed.

Always happy to send some cash Pats way. His music has lifted my life for over a quarter century. (That's Big Scary).

Pat, I am the same brewer from Chicago you met on the 2000 tour. Still brewing and playing your music in the brewery every chance I get.

matthewbrunswick... - Matthew Melbourne - 26Dec2017 6:26 PM
My two year old daughter got so excited dancing to "Looking for Lot 49" that she jumped into the air for the first time ever.


les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 20Oct2017 12:04 AM
Hello, is there a jazzbutcher gig for every day of the year...?

Good time had ATLANTA festival
apples_1215... - BRENDA Atlanta Georgia - 28May2017 4:44 PM
Sounds were great temperature is just right Wonderful night in downtown Atlanta

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