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New JBQ recordings.
drop... - Phillip Lewis, Kuranda, Australia - 2Nov2015 3:28 AM
Delighted to hear the news of any new Jazz Butcher material. Congratulations guys. If you do rerelease Big Planet I won't need to buy a turntable.

re-releases and new music
john... - John Hall Chicago illinois - 8Oct2015 4:04 PM
Wonderful news! I had a lot of fun in the past hunting down your out of print CD's through E-Bay. I would have rather given the money directly to you. Any re-mastering or re-mixing planned? Always loved "Big Planet, Scarey Planet", but thought it sounded a little 'muddy'. Pardon the technical jargon. Can't wait to put some cash in your coffers.

Vinyl Gentleman/New Jazz Butcher Quartet Album
h2ofuego... - Jimmy Hollywoodland - 2Oct2015 2:04 PM
Seconded! Just landed from Hawaii and I must admit this is Great, Great news!! I've been eagerly awaiting the Vinyl release of "Last of The Gentleman Adventurers" since it was 1st proposed and of course eagerly anticipating any recordings "The Jazz Butcher Quartet" since they began performing! The holidays are a comin'! Thank you, for the great news Pat!! Let's see if I can't get back over to that side of the pond sometime in the near future! Missin' ya, from Hollywoodland, Jimmy D.

great news
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 30Sep2015 11:38 AM
great great news...!!

la mer sur France inter
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brusser - 22Aug2015 6:55 AM
This morning at quarter to 9, I have heard "La mer" on the french radio France Inter...Very emotionnal...Here is the link:

Rare enough to be told...!!

Your attendance is requested.
peter... - Peter Reitzel, Flesherton Ontario Canada - 20Jun2015 11:31 AM
In Canada.
Particularly Flesherton.
What do you say?

les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - Franche Comté - 17May2015 2:37 PM
De retour en France...!
Les gens du sud-ouest sont de sacrés chanceux...!!!

k b
stephen... - Stephen Howe, Oxford - 6Apr2015 10:52 PM
You may well long have known this - if so sorry for repetition and for ‘re-bringing’ old bad news – but I only just learned that KB Mensah died on NY Eve in Ghana. I see he's mentioned somewhere on this site, as an old school/college friend of several JB-linked musicians.

He and I had remained good friends, though latterly only getting together occasionally, when we were both in London (he’d been living back in Ghana for some years) – he always made a real effort to stay in touch.

So many good (albeit, from the earliest days, often stoned) memories of him, so often revolving also around music, from listening to reggae and jazz in his Oxford rooms to going together, later, in London to hear everything from Louis Moholo and other visiting Africans to various latterday manifestations of the Institution/Random Hold/Jazz Butcher ‘family’… I wish the attached could show, and let me hear again, his laugh.


gregoryoung... - Gregor - 13Aug2014 1:04 AM
I'll be in London Aug 15-17 and then again Aug 25-27. Came here fingers crossed to maybe see if there was a show in Northampton I could make my way too and now see I'll miss three full JBC shows by a matter of days. Great to see you playing again but shaking my head at my unfortunate timing

The Last of the Gentlemen Adventurers
doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 11Mar2014 8:14 PM

I confess, I had no small amount of trepidation approaching the new record. Indeed, I've had it in my possession for a year and I just completed the third listening.

Since the JBC hits me on a basic emotional level (even the funny stuff, always has done), I worry about the releases from my favorite artists as I age exponentially. It's not doubt, it's just wondering where this communique will fit in the cupboard of things near and dear to me. Either there's less space in there, or there are more items in store than I'd care to admit.

I needn't have worried. This is a wonderful record. I'll spare you my nonsense re: what I like and why.

Thanks for realizing you had another one in you and getting it out the door.


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