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The Gift of Pat Fish
tom.super... - Tom Super, Chicago US and A - 6Feb2022 4:15 PM
I was fortunate enough to go to college in the mid-80s. And the music of the time was magical, a gift. My older brother found The Jazz Butcher first with Bloody Nonsense. He shared and I was hooked from then on. Who knew that music could be this intelligent and silly all at the same time? Fast forward to 2005 and of course Just Like Betty Page is on our wedding reception playlist. I was lucky enough to see JBC in a small bar (perfect) in the early 2000s. Amazing show. Deeply saddened in 2021 to hear of Pat Fish's passing, the man who gave us all these gifts. And then one more on Feb. 4, 2022. Another brilliant album. Goodnight Sweetheart, indeed. And thank you for making all our lives better.

Surprise & Sadness
Seehalerun... - Chris in Ottawa, Canada - 7Jan2022 1:50 PM
Having just setup my turntable after it was boxed up for 6 years, one of the first LPs I put on was “Distressed Gentlefolk” and the included 45rpm disc “Conspiracy LP”. It seems like these are as fresh today as they were when I heard them in 1986. Such great music fusing so many styles. Playing these had mine wondering what has happened to the Jazz Butcher. Imagine my surprise to read of Pat’s recent passing. That The Jazz Butcher left a mark on my musical interest over the decades is obvious to me, and I am sure those that knew him would say he left a mark on them, too.

We Love You
pcdawson... - Pete in Calgary - 7Jan2022 3:42 AM
Can’t wrap my mind around the news that Pat as flown from this world - and far too soon. So many memories - helping the band load their equipment into a van after playing a gig in Guelph Ontario in 1988; attending that amazing El Mocombo gig for the Condition Blue tour in 1992; finding a copy of that ill-fated live album Western Family - probably the first album ever to be named after a Canadian condiment manufacturer- I could go on. Pat - you mean so much to me - thanks for all the joy you have given (and continue) to give) me. You forever fan, Pete

alpwermuth... - Anthony Wermuth Warwick, MA USA - 5Jan2022 3:20 PM
Was floored to hear this, since we had emailed a day or so before. You were a true original and I valued your friendship. Thanks for staying in touch over the decades. Sleep Easy, Old Stick. Best Ever, Meathook

Hellow Jazz Butcher Fans
hmulhalli... - Harry M, Toronto, Canada - 3Jan2022 3:52 PM
I originally sent this out in an Email to My Music
Loving Friends, but a Mate of Mine suggested I
should post this on the JBC Website, so here it

Not being a SocialMediaGuy, I sometimes find out
Music News a little later than most people. One
thing I would always do is pop by The Jazz
Butcher’s Website every couple of months or so to
see what he was up to & hoping to get good news
about “Jazz Butcher Singles & Rarities” would
someday see the music finally released on CD after
all these years of waiting.

Well in the middle of November I found out the Sad
News that Pat Fish had passed away & the
Bittersweet News that “Dr Cholmondley Repents: A-
Sides, B-Sides and Seasides” had just been
released in the UK.

I first stumbled upon the Jazz Butcher at “Sam the
Record Man” back in 1986. There were 2 Domestic
Releases that just hit the Record Stores in Canada
which were “Bloody Nonsense” which was a
collection of A & B Sides released in the UK &
“Distressed Gentlefolk” which also included the
Bonus LP “Conspiracy”. Both releases had
excellent “Handwritten Reviews” from
members of Sam’s Staff & my brother Ken who was
with me at the time told me “The Jazz Butcher; you
would like his music as he is a lot like “Lloyd
Cole” Well, I found out he was nothing like “Lloyd
Cole” but it was still one of my best Musical
Recommendations that I ever received.

“Distressed Gentlefolk” I had never heard an album
that managed to blend pop, rock, blues, folk,
smooth jazz, western stomp, ragtime & a touch of
soul all on “One Record.” The album even ended
with one of the most Gorgeous Ballads you may have
never heard “Angels.” When I listened to the bonus
LP “Conspiracy” I found out the “Jazz Butcher”
could also “Rap” better than a lot of that stuff
that we hear on “Mainstream Music Radio” these
days. I Later picked-up “Bloody Nonsense” which
was a “Glorious Mixed Bag” of Music from “Smart
Fast Witty Pop” to “Punk Rock” of “Caroline
Wheeler’s Birthday Present” & the “Bakersfield
Country” of “The Devil is My Friend.” I LOVED IT
ALL ……

Back in 80’s there was “No Internet”, so we had to
shop for “Records” the “Old Fashioned Way”. We had
to go Downtown & look for them. I wanted to get my
hands on those previous “Jazz Butcher Records”
that were only available as “imports.” In Toronto
you did not always find those Records at “Sam the
Record Man” we would look for those at “The Record
Pedlar.” I did not find them all, but I did
eventually find a copy of “In Bath of Bacon” which
was the first Album “The Jazz Butcher” ever
released back in 1983. When I got home & played
the Record, I was upset to find a “Little Scratch”
on the first track; not enough to cause the Record
to “Skip” but I had to listen to the “Click, Tick,
Click, Tick” for about 20 seconds or so on the
Record. The rest of the record played fine, but I
never returned the Album to “The Record Pedlar” as
I thought that I would “Never” get another Copy
ever again?

I had a ticket to see The Jazz Butcher play the
“Rivoli” back in the Summer of 1987, but I never
got to experience that Intimate Show as the Show
got cancelled a couple of weeks prior to the date.
It might have been the “Greatest Show” that I
never experienced; instead, my first “Jazz Butcher
Show” came in June of 1988 & I was accompanied by
my “Band of Merry Mates” who had also just left
Family Nest around that time in our lives.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of “The
Worse Concerts” that I ever attended as the Sound
was “Horrible” The show was at RPM. You may have
an RPM “Horror Show” of your own? I never liked
that venue & glad it is Long Gone. The Jazz
Butcher did return to RPM again in November of
1989 & so did I, but my “Band of Merry Mates” did
not. That show was better, but it was still RPM
(later The Gouvernment). The Magical Show finally
happened in November of 1990 at “The Diamond” &
then the final show “The Jazz Butcher” ever played
in Toronto was in the Summer of 1992 at “The El
Mocombo”, which was another great show.

The Music never stopped, but The Record Company
“Pulled the Plug” on “Jazz Butcher Domestic
Releases” & of course there were no more Tours on
this side of the Pond either. I still Loved &
Followed his Music, even though I had to pay those
few extra Dollars for those “Import Releases”
through the rest of his career. The very last
“Jazz Butcher Album” released in 2012 was “Last of
the Gentleman Adventurers” It was a “Fan Funded”
Record. Thanks to “The Fans” that funded that

Well, “Pat Fish” aka “The Jazz Butcher” has gone
to Heaven but we still & will always have his
Music to Play & the Memories that go along with it
all. Thanks “Pat” & please raise a Glass to “The
Jazz Butcher” the next time you have drink in your
hand. He would not want it any other way!

Rest in Peace "Pat" & Peace to All

Another great one leaves the building.
jfc08904... - john c, east brunswick new jersey usa - 25Dec2021 4:16 AM
I only know the great man from records; he never played anywhere near where I live. But those records were superb and he always came across as a good man. See you further on up the road, Pat!

The Last of the Gentleman Renegades
captainpass1969... - Mark C - 15Dec2021 10:04 PM
I was a wee 16 or so when I first heard "The Devil is my Friend" while on a trip to a college town to visit some friends. I remember a friend earlier mentioning seeing TJBC play in Chicago around that time and that the show was incredible. The lyrics attached to this bit of the band's wares indeed seemed to be a few leagues ahead what was playing on the radio circa 1986. And who could be against a tune involving Satan and 20 rum and cokes? Anyway, after that, I was a devoted purchaser of all things JB (when such things could be found in those pre-Interweb days) and was even lucky enough to see the lads play twice (Madison, WI and Troubadour LA). Gobsmacked that the travelling bohemian behind the beautiful mayhem is gone. Rest in peace, Pat. We will miss you.

dougenglish... - Doug, Arlington, VA - 9Dec2021 8:36 PM
Hard to believe I missed his passing, but things were heavy here and things were missed. The JBC made a huge difference in my life. Saw them a few times in the U.S., and lucked into one show in Camden Town. All the records were very personal to me. Condition: Blue. RIP, and peace to all.

Jazz Butcher Forever
ritualofthesavage... - Eric Musick, Los Angeles - 7Dec2021 9:16 PM
I remember seeing the Jazz Butcher at the Roxy in '86. We had all been listening to the new album at the time and I made it my life's mission to see Pat and the gang when they came to town. What a fantastic show. The show was witty and personal, just like the music they wrote. This show is still at the top of my all time favorite shows. I've been a lifelong Jazz Butcher fan ever since. So sad to hear of Pat's passing. Luckily he left us all such great music to remember him by for generations to come.

dmclaughlin_6... - David, transplanted from Lambeth, ON - 5Dec2021 3:34 PM
Somehow I missed the news a few months back. What gorgeous, quirky, and important music he made.