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going away
pete garofalo... - peteflows[at] - 9Feb2005 11:32 AM
hi pat 'm heading south to Morocothe place where
he sunsetsso I wondered about doin a night of
wailing & pecussion 2 raise funds as I will be
workin as a volunter on th chldrens home doing
visitors will be welcome here & I have a visionfor a spiritual reteat...but first I gota
get there with my equipment
help ?

Maybe we didn't see the signs...
you... - 2Dec2002 9:51 PM
Maybe we didn't see the signs but Whammo were shocked to receive an e-mail from one our many visitors stating that Australia's legendary rockers Midnight Oil have decided to split after Peter Garret indicated that he intended to leave the band. We all know that Peter has maintained interests in other fields, including politics and in a statement (from the official Midnight Oil website) he had this to say: ' is time for me to move on and immerse myself in those things which are of deep concern to me and which I have been unable to fully apply myself to up to now'. The remaining members of the band have pledged to continue playing together 'in a another guise' but it's still a very sad day for Whammo and all Oils fans. Stay tuned for details and a special tribute to a band that effected people's tastes, ideals and politics for two decades. R.I.P OILS!! (sob sob).
(posted: December 3, 2002)

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