The Jazz Butcher Feedback

scruff... - long bennington - 27Oct2005 9:44 AM
hello there Pat , hope you,re keeping well.Dont know if you remember playing a gig(?) to a bunch of pissed up paddys in our front room in a flat in stockwell in about 87 or 88(? the old brains a bit uncooperative these days),the stuff of legends to us.i've tried to subscribe to the mailing but i seem to be barred! i'll get to the next gig you play in this area(after a bit of catching up on the cd front).
all the best

play in Lübeck?
schmaljo... - inge from Lübeck - 2Jun2004 9:37 AM
Hi Pat,
long ago I went to lots of your concerts in Hamburg (Onkel Pö, Markthalle, Logo) and joined you at Jübek Festival. Strange but great time! Later on you even played in Lübeck at Riders Cafe. All this was nearly 20 years from now. Now I work in another club in Lübeck and it would be nice to let you play there. This place is called treibsand, Owen may knows it, he played there with the Lost T-Shirts once. (also Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites played there) So if you plan your next tour or gigs in Germany I would be pleased if you'd contact me. And please send greetings to Owen, does he still live in Hamburg? It's a pity but I lost his contact.....
Bye and may see you once again

Happy Memories
Dave Lawson... - Cardiff, Wales - 14Jan2002 12:40 PM
Having only just acquired the internet one of the first searches I ran was for the jazz butcher. And I'm feeling nostalgic already. I remember some wonderful gigs, must have been in 82/83 at the incredible Thekla in Bristol. Anyone else remember these times ?? I think there were 3 gigs in this period (Scandal/Sex). Sensational nights out. Someone even stole my bicycle pump and lights but I didn't care. Girlfriend, Southern Mark Smith, Roadrunner ... Happy Days - here's to more of them !

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