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Classic word play
becaal... - Brad of Elk Ridge, Utah, USA - 30Mar2012 6:21 AM
I use this in my middle school poetry class to teach the students the beauty of word play and unconventional love poetry. Most of them love it, some of them can't eat lunch afterward.

Will The Pedantry Never Cease???
morph... - Dr. Overrthink, Sigtuna, Sweden - 13Mar2008 12:15 AM
Uh, not listening to the track, but just getting the sense of the thing, ....

'Coz there's no shortage in our hotel
We eat like porkers and drink like hell
So let's just sit in bed and talk

- And you can drink a knife and fork
+ And you can bring a knife and fork

And bite bits and chew them well

Yeh, c'mon.

Hungarian Love Song
purplevioletsquishies... - Salem, OR USA - 18Jan2005 2:04 AM
I absolutely love this song... along with a number of others on this... YES, THIS! album. You have nothing to be ashamed of regarding this album. I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed this album. If this is you guys at one of your lowest points, then you have nothing to worry about. This song is REALLY FUN.

Hungarian Love Song
tissue_tiger... - Yokohama, Japan - 6Oct2001 2:11 AM
When I listened this song for the first time on LP, it reminded me "Stranger Than Paradise". 15 years from then, now the CD in my hand, I remember it reminded me "Stranger Than Paradise" at that time and it still does. There's no Screaming Jay anyway of course...

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