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ask & ye shall receive
rtx... - rtx USA - 11Sep2022 11:14 PM
OK, found the musicians lineup, still interested in seeing that dissonant chord progression.
(Hmm, I wonder if that old program, Riffstation can figure it out, if I can get Riffstation to still work)

tabs for Devil is my Friend?
rtx... - rtx USA - 11Sep2022 11:03 PM
I've not heard of these guys before today; missed out!
I just listened through all of Bloody Nonsense, it's great! No clue who played what instruments. Who played guitar on this & other songs? Are musicians listed on this site?
The dissonance at about 0:50 on The Devil is my Friend is appealing. What evil genius thought that up and made it work? Is that chord progression written down anywhere?

Who the heck is Harvey Dean?
m23prime... - Mark-Canada - 30Jan2011 8:21 PM
And what is he doing in this song, other than rhyming with Idi Amin?

All these years of listening to this fabulous song, and I never thought to ask...

song mp3
kokujin606... - Jin Kokuro - 6Apr2008 7:58 PM
I have The Devil Is My Friend. If anyone still wants it, please email me at kokujin606[at]

Any luck with the Devil?
mark.giesbrecht... - Mark in Waterloo - 24Nov2007 4:43 PM
Has anyone managed to buy or beg an mp3 of the
devil is my friend? I'm tired of dragging out
my turntable...

the devil is my friend
mikeglas... - Mike/Seattle - 10Aug2007 12:23 PM
Please, can anyone point me in the direction of where to purchase the song: The Devil is My Friend? Or can send me a copy digitally.

Bring back Bloody Nonsense
clownson... - Chris in Virginia - 5Jul2007 1:37 PM
Please? Please please please? Please re-release Bloody Nonsense on CD in the U.S.!!! I had an audio cassette of it long long ago, but it was stolen by a theiving miscreant and I've never been able to find another copy. Some of the songs have appeared on other albums, but the absence of "The Devil is My Friend" leaves a hole in my soul. Please- I and thousands of other U.S. fans are begging, re-release Bloody Nonsense! I'll pay through the nose for it! Really!

maghaberry... - Brian,Erdington,U.K - 27Apr2007 3:51 AM
Does anyone out there know of a site that I can download this track from? Please post it if you do, Cheers

Devil Is My Friend
purplevioletsquishies... - Salem, OR USA - 18Jan2005 2:23 AM
Even though the devil has never been my friend, this tune is downright catchy & wrought with humour. I remember in the latter 80's being with friends of mine listening to this album over & over again. I am not into the party scene anymore but I think we got a bit carried away because the Devil Is My Friend is practically the ONLY song I remember from this album despite the fact we listened to this album everytime we went somewhere looking for the next party.

Reissue or Electric
tancread(at)tanzanica(dot)com... - Long Clawson, UK - 16Oct2004 10:26 AM
I still hum this one to myself. You really should make some of these older songs avaialable again. I am sure one the more artist friendly pay for download sites would love to get these great old songs.