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trombone solo
reset808... - Martin phoneix AZ - 2Dec2010 4:49 PM
Does anyone want to give me the notes for that trombone solo?

drink chords
ericj... - Sacramento, CA USA - 22Dec2004 7:36 PM
thankee thankee thankee for the chords. Several folks in the local scooter club are butcher fans, and at the next camping rally I'm going to c(h)orral (--groan--) them into a drunken version of DRINK. I was dreading having to spend countless hours figuring out the crazy jazz chords, but it turns out that they aren't all that crazy after all. I guess there's infinte room for complicating things using passing chords, but I reckon I'll be somewhat, er, impaired when it comes down to it. Thanks again. cheers, -eric.

DRINK news
zarathud23... - Chicago - 3Aug2004 8:37 PM
The Asylum Street Spankers have been convering this live for a while now, and put it on their latest CD as well- they do it well, check it out!

yer chords
you... - 12Jun2002 2:44 PM
here are the chords:

first part: E - Emaj7 - Ab - A - C7
second part: E - C# - C9 - F#m7 - B9

*in the first part, the E to the Emaj7 go together quickly - it's that
little intro part, and the Emaj7 can be omitted when you repeat the line.

*in the second part, the F#m7 - B9 combo is repeated a few times.

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