The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Lyrics questions
michelle.greenhand... - Michelle / Portland, Maine US - 24May2022 12:29 PM
Does anyone know what "Enfudu" means? Thanks!

worth every day
bao_ning... - Nick - 16Feb2022 4:19 AM
Thank you.

Goodnight, Sweetheart.

Saving the best for...
tom.super... - Thomas Super - 8Feb2022 12:54 AM
The last song on the last Jazz Butcher album. Released Feb. 4, 2022 here in the states, I've been playing the whole album, The Highest in the Land, and especially this song on a loop.

Wrapping up his life story and looking back at the happy times shared with a loved one. "I never felt as truly happy as I did with you. Took half a lifetime, worth every day"

And singing a universal truth, "We want to be handled softly, kissed an told we're worth something."

Before signing off on repeat, "Goodnight Sweetheart" 4 times then a spoken "Goodnight"

What a gift of music and more Pat Fish was to this world. Goodnight, indeed, Sweetheart.

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