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christopher.m.keen... - Chris - Dundas, Canada - 9Sep2022 1:12 PM
One of my all-time favourites. Reminds me of so much.
RIP Pat.
Long live Max et al.

aq... - Admiral Quality/Toronto - 16Jan2018 2:28 AM
Not my favorite JB song by any means but it's making me cry so badly.

stupid daughter
velocityjones... - stephanie (floss angeles) - 19Dec2007 6:36 PM
my favorite J.B. tune...and I want that green-paisley'ed blanket in the video, please.

bubba... - ludicrust - 8Feb2007 1:48 PM
  #3/6 with several other less-than-pristine renderings, the live version on Western Family grows on one with time, 'til other versions are o'er taken in order of favoriteness,to wit,delicious reverb and postiviely wicked guitar that are nothing short of mind-blowing.........

loook at her go
ken.h... - sydney - 14May2005 9:43 PM
Possibly my favourite JBC song. The opening sax work is near perfect. The vocal delivery is perfect. The guitar refrain hits me the same way as the Smiths How Soon Is Now. The sax is as good as the Laughing Clowns Eternally Yours.
Excellent site!!

Girl-Go, Betty
tissue_tiger... - Yokohama, Japan - 6Oct2001 3:09 AM
I think there are some songs inspired by motion pictures in the Buther's songs. This song gives me a scenery of "Betty Blue". Has Pat ever contributed his tunes for films? If he has, it must be a good one.