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Bus Lane
JonathanJ... - Box1Canada(tol-oko) - 13Apr2003 8:49 PM
Can't help you as per c.d. version...I prefer the
"Big Question" version though.

Different Versions on Big Questions and Bloody Nonsense
tommcbride67... - Cleveland, Ohio USA - 1Oct2002 11:26 AM
Does anybody know which is the original or on what sngle/12"/album each verson was originally released? The version on Big Questions seems to be more accoustic, "unplugged", and have more of a laid back feel. The version on Bloody Nonsense sounds much more like a full electric band, with a more aggressive performance. Both Big Questions and Bloddy Nonsense are compilation albums so I don't know which version came first or what the source for each release was. Was the version on Bloody Nonsense ever released on CD? Thanks for any info.

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