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Arding & Hobbs
ukstephene... - Stephen, Battersea - 19Jan2004 7:04 PM
Most impressed to find a song lyric that mentions Arding & Hobbs!

My affection for that Grace Bros anachronism of a retail emporium comes mainly from it featuring in Michael De Larabietti's '70s trilogy of supposed kids' books, The Borribles, where it's recast as Harding & Nobbs. Also, it gets blown up by a terorist in some late '70s film called NightHawks, starring Sylvester Stallone. I shit ye not.

Of course, they've re-'branded' it now as Allders and got rid of the neon lettering, formerly a local landmark, particularly as one looked down Lavender Hill. Sods.

Pip pip!
Stephen xx.

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