The Jazz Butcher Feedback

JonathanJ... - Box1CANADA(tol-oko) - 13Apr2003 9:40 PM
Available on Distressed if you can find it Calagaree (me Creek,Bragg)...
I would say RECORDLAND in Inglewood opposite
Kanes Harley...262-3839...they won't digitup4u
over the phone but in person will.
Of course on vinyl,but real music is on thee big V.
P.S.-I'd readily assist you in endeavours to
return the FISH to Calgary.

MrT4Smith... - Calgary, AB Canada - 1Mar2003 5:32 PM
Can I get this song on any re-issue?!

I have sung this song (verbatim) for years for all my 'lucky' pals!?

Pat do you ever think that you will be back to our fine city??? Calgarians luv you man!

Trevor Dean Smith

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