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fishburder... - pat fish - 25Oct2015 9:41 AM
No, it's definitely Hell Drivers. A black and white UK trucker movie from the fifties, starring a very young Sean Connery. "My God! He must be touching fifty..."

Hell Drivers?
russellweaving... - russ, London - 22Oct2015 1:58 PM
Obviously I didn't write it so I may be wrong but isn't it "Hellfire club"?

Best. JB. Song. Ever.
robert0218... - Robert J. - 27Jan2014 12:20 PM
That is all.

birthday present
patrice23lala... - patidifusa - 16Oct2010 5:20 PM
my belief has always been that this song was a boyfriend's revenge in the form of a song and he considered her birthday present as the physical space where life begins in the human body... only more vulgar as he'd learned she'd been with a number of others so he assumed it had grown large....

what was it thou?
k_gall... - Kenny Gall - 12Feb2010 1:24 PM
I have wondered now for over 20 years..
WHAT did she get exactly, for her birthday?

so, Caroline...
barrettwilke... - pbchicken Seattle, WA - 15Jun2006 11:36 AM
..when is your birthday, so we know when to throw a bash?

So...what was Caroline Wheeler's birthday present?
Dave Flannelette... - Echo Park - 28Sep2005 11:32 PM
Was there ever one? if so what was it?

you... - 4Jun2005 8:13 AM
Most carolines are nice except caroline wheeler from offaly!!lol lizzie x x x

caroline wheeler
george.hadley... - cameron ov finsbury park - 10Mar2005 1:24 PM
from lutterworth actually, pat

To all the Caroline Wheelers of the World
The Butcher... - Shakespeare Villas, NN1 - 25Jan2005 7:24 AM
The particular C.W. we were singing about came from Nottingham in da UK. She is a fashion designer, last seen living in Los Angeles, California. She never sued us.