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Nothing Special
jfc08904... - john c, east brunswick, new jersey usa - 25Dec2021 4:08 AM
I hadn't heard this one for a few years, but I heard
it again today. Still as good as it was when it was
first released. One of my all-time favorites.

chords to this song
eddycrow... - eddy crow pgh, pa usa - 19Feb2009 11:04 PM
Possibly the perfect song. if not "Baloney" by Mark Knopfler, then this? Please, what are the chords to this, is tab available anywhere? thanks and

My Civic does it's duty
jillianankenbauer... - Jillian Ankenbauer - Omaha, Nebraska, United George of Bush - 10Dec2006 10:30 AM
The name of my Honda is the Nothing Special. I'm afriad there's no proper public transport in this little hovel where the Butcher has never dared venture. Of course the children are scarey...

The name of this train is the Nothing Special.
jfc08904... - near exit 9, New Jersey Turnpike - 29Oct2004 8:07 PM
Such a great song.

Nothing Special
thegneech... - The Gneech - 14Apr2003 7:11 AM
SOMEbody had to ride the train to work every day for a while, didn't they? I know the feeling well! -TG

nothing special
you... - 10Aug2002 1:29 PM
great song!