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Played once live...
thomastomasska... - Thomas... England - 6Nov2021 5:39 PM
When My Space was 'the thing' back in 2007/8 I chatted with Pat a
few times, on one occasion I asked him if he would play 'The Onion
Field' live for me as I was travelling down from Kendal to an intimate
little pub gig in Leicester. He seemed very surprised that I would
even travel that far to see him (are you kidding me?).
Anyway, he said he'd never played it live but would practice it

FF to the gig and sure enough he asked if I was there and played it
wonderfully (he thought it a bit of a miserable song and hurriedly
moved on to livelier songs)... But that day is one of my fondest

Pat would always have time for anyone and was the humblest of guys
(let-alone 'THE' most underrated songwriters of all time!)

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