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when eno sings
uluruhulutu... - uluruhulutu - 11Sep2006 6:36 AM
absoloutly brilliant, heard it on radio4 bout 5 years ago, got me outta a dark hole!now we want the eno cover version!!!

King's Lead Fish Shark
you... - 23Jun2004 8:51 PM
It's true, you know.

doombunny77... - Daniel (PEI, Canada) - 16Dec2003 12:23 AM
Yay! I just stumbled across this site....supercool....I have a JB CDEP that I bought second hand years ago. It's great. Brian Eno is great. Some woman laughing in a library over a year ago is fucking brilliant as well. Keep spending all your money on drugs and guns! xoxoxo

When Eno Sings
voiddancer... - Wiggy's 'Mom' (remember me?) :) - 5Jul2002 8:28 AM
Brilliant! Haven't heard the song yet, but...hope to very soon! I am a RABID Brian Eno fan and had
better stop laughing, else they'll throw me out of the library.

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