The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Nazi reference
alexadp... - Erie, PA - 1May2005 11:33 PM
Would that be the evil Nazi doctor Karl Brandt?

penicillin and a gun
mdiwan... - Dwight - Canada - 4Mar2005 7:32 PM
I had the pleasure to interview Pat in Winnipeg Canada during the late eighties. We had a great conversation, shared some laughs and had some fun. He asked me if he could play anything for me and I said yeah, Vienna song would be nice. He said it was going to be a bit more of an up tempo show, but you never know. My buddies and I were yelling at the end of the show for the tune. Second encore Pat came out solo and did the song... If I was a woman or at the very least queer I would have fu*$ed him right there on the spot. But I'm not, shit if I was a woman I'd never leave the house...But that's another story. Thanks for the great memory Pat and a for a body of work that continues to impress and sits proudly on my top ten at all times.


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