The Jazz Butcher Feedback

clillyblad... - Eric Lillyblad - Forest Lake, MN - USA - 22Mar2018 6:38 AM
Saw The Butcher at shows supporting this album (“Cult of the Basement”) and before that, “Big Planet, Scary Planet”, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC – where I was living at the time. Was able to talk with Pat on both occasions for two reasons – one, I recognized him as he walked through the crowd of oblivious Americans (of which I am most usually one) and two – I knew his name was Pat and so I called out “Pat”.

The Butcher was kind enough to stop and chat a bit and his most memorable lines were, “Why do you American’s have a picture of the President’s wife on the dollar bill?” (George H.W. Bush was President at the time and his wife, Barbara, did bear a strong resemblance to the rendition of old George Washington on the dollar bill). And, “Have you seen my girlfriend? She’s wearing a leopard skin outfit?”

Took a roll of black & white pictures with my Pentax K1000, somehow got connected with David Whittemore, and grabbed the “Cult of the Basement” poster on my way out after the show - it now hangs on the wall of my garage, right in front of Daddy’s Jaguar! ;-)

clillyblad... - Eric Lillyblad - Forest Lake, MN - USA - 22Mar2018 6:36 AM
One question and one comment about a previous comment – how could you think the lyric was about “brain discipline” and not “lane discipline”? In the context of preceding lyrics in the song (“Just keep driving”) and with the incredibly narrow roadways of England “lane discipline” is an absolute must!

This song fit my self-pitying mood and alcohol consumption at the time it was released, but I wasn’t drinking vodka, I was drinking copious amounts of Sam Adam’s Double Bock (which, after I got married, my wife aptly called “Devil Bock” for reasons easily surmised).

lovely guitar work
ken.h... - sydney - 14May2005 9:48 PM
Dig the fuzzy bass guitar under the lead on this. Drinking vodka and gatorade! How do you come up with such beauties. Fucking amazing.

aural hallucinations(scuse me while i kiss this guy)
jcvincent... - lexington kentucky - 14Dec2004 12:48 PM
i was always sure that the line was

people around here just don't have no brain discipline
then they're asleep
then they're asleep

i swear i have heard this song thousands of time and i always, always sang it that way...
(this may have lead to the misunderstanding if my singing is factured in)
of course
i once famously thought i heard gibby haynes say in the butthole surfers song "perry"-"it's about throwing up and eating it" when he actually said "it's about growing up in england" which is an even larger and more self incriminating error...

maybe i just need to listen more softly...

fuck i think
i might be bummed

change the lyrics for me
you have the powers


where ever... - whoever - 8Jun2002 6:10 PM
so many tuesdays in my life. damn.