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He's All Right, He's On Your Side!
joannesopercook... - JoAnne Soper-Cook, Newfoundland - 29Dec2007 7:10 AM
THE best Peter Lorre song EVER. Even many years after his death, there are legions of fans worldwide who love him. He was a gorgeous hunk, sadly under-utilised by Hollywood but still revered by those of us who love him...

Still the best Peter Lorre song ever
chongkina... - Anne Sharp, USA - 1Aug2007 6:11 AM
Even though Pat Fish says he didn't have a particular Peter Lorre film in mind when he wrote this, there is in fact a great 1946 film noir, "Black Angel," in which he plays a nightclub owner who has an upstairs office and would most definitely shoot anyone who messed up his hair.

Lorre Lovers
fiennenavyday... - ekvaughan - 2Jun2006 7:04 AM
Yes, there is a whole underground clique of us Lorre Lovers, even more than 40 years after he died!
Probably one of the greatest talents of the 20th century, vastly underappreciated by Hollywood, but widely adored by his fans, now and forever!
Yes, he was a gorgeous Hungarian hunk, and those pix on line of him without his shirt, his hairy chest -- oooh, don't get me started.... :)

What Else... Mr. Lorre!
Quinn... - NYC USofA - 8Jan2004 9:55 PM
I have also been a Peter Lorre fan for about 3 months. Man, he is so cute. He's like a lil' cuddly bald guy! Anyways, enough with the mushy fan junk, I just had to share amongst the many losers who like him too.
Thank you very much!

Very amusing
lil_lupis... - Vallejo, CA - 22Apr2003 8:08 PM
Me, being a Peter Lorre fan of about 3 months, have searched frantically for anything I could find of him {because he's just so adorable}.I hope to find more songs like this out there on the web.

and why does the send button say doit?


Peter Lorre song
hersheysauntpam... - hubbardston MA - 12Sep2002 10:27 AM
I am a female of indeterminate age, surfing wildly (& sometimes wobbily) on her 1st computer. I couldn't get the sound up on Mr Lorre, but enjoyed the lyrics immensely. Was esp. fascinated that 'hummer' is german for 'lobster' (I collect lobster stuff)---or were you just having us on???
Now i must off to the dark, Satanic mill where I work, but will be back at midnite to explore more of this site.
Pamela, Empress of the Universe

Peter Lorre was most definitely a squidgy bear!
Eve Bercovy (bercovy... - from the Lorre-lovers' discussion group - 19Feb2001 3:11 PM
I had to laugh when I read the lyrics to this song -- did you guys know there's a whole e-mail discussion group full of women who adore Peter Lorre and who think he's one of the handsomest men ever to have graced the face of this earth? ( I'm a member, of course.... Who wouldn't think Peter was a squidgy bear? He was simply adorable. As for his villainous image, that was the fault of various studios like Columbia and Warner Bros who grossly underused his talents and who cast him repeatedly as a bad guy and a bogeyman. peter had a gift for comedy as well. Now, Jazz Butcher, when are you going to release this song on a CD? Or where can I get a hold of it?