The Jazz Butcher Feedback

I remember 1990
keenmont... - Chris - Toronto - 23Oct2009 8:22 PM
Jazz Butcher with Blue Airplanes.
Still waiting for you to come back.
Sure wish Bloody Nonsense was availabe. My cassette still works though!

I wish I had the whole catalogue!
emilio.servidio... - Emilio, Italy - 11Oct2009 11:02 AM
I bought a used copy of "The Gift of Music" in the late 90s and then I spent years gathering as much JBC music as I could. Unfortunately most of the albums were (and still are) very rare. I've really appreciated the two Vinyl Japan reprints. Is there any chance to see "Sex and Travel" reprinted sooner or later? Who knows.

"Partytime" was one of my favourite songs in my late teenage years and it definitely summarizes my feelings about meeting people at parties. It also features some stellar guitar playing by Max which was very inspiring to somebody (sort of) learning guitar. Thanks a lot.

meo deus
corto21... - Porto Alegre, Brasil - 31Jul2003 9:41 PM
olha, essa é uma das melhores musicas que eu já ouvi na vida. nao a versao que voces tem em mp3, uma outra, mais calma, melhor, mais bem elaborada... faz falta bandas com essa qualidade.

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