The Jazz Butcher Feedback

fishy... - pat, NN1 - 4Feb2021 3:04 PM
I'm fairly sure that we never played the Chang song in America.

Only 8 times live? - Gregor (Vancouver) - 2Feb2021 9:09 PM
In the email list days when tapes were traded I was given one with a blistering version of President Chang. Pretty sure it was from a show in the States. I've still got several of those tapes but not the one with President Chang. Was hoping to find that or a similar version here.

Greater evil
juan234329... - West seneca, New York, USofA - 3Nov2004 8:46 PM
Well.... I suppose you have to vote for the lesser evil, so that one morning you don't wake up to the f-ing BusH Junta running your country!

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