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Books vs Radio
brianmaguire... - Chicago - 9Oct2021 4:00 PM
My goodness. For 35 years I have been singing "I don't care for radio." I stumbled on this, immediately went and played the song and yes it's "reading books". What you can believe is amazing.

usa needs you
soulhappyhour... - jason america - 30May2011 8:01 PM
Please come back to the states Mr. Fish... ty

Reading books or radio?
- justthisguyyouknow -- Toronto - 23May2007 10:15 AM
I could have sworn "I don't care for reading books" was actually "I don't care for radio."

Fishie... - NN1 - 28Apr2004 8:26 AM
Now, that seems a little unfair to me.
I admit, you won't catch me voting for the SDP (or the Liberal Democrats, as they now style themselves) in any great hurry,
but a "bad" party?

I mean, the National Front is a bad party.
The SDP are just a touch...well...ineffectual.
To be fair, they oppose racism and crusader nonsense out in the Middle East; they support electoral reform; they're happy with the idea of decriminalising marijuana. They're hardly "bad".

And as for "little public support", one assumes that this must be outside of the huge areas of Scotland and Western England which return their politicians to Parliament at every election.

Yours, still reading the bloody Guardian,

shotgun_mallet... - Ian Matthews - 21Apr2004 3:11 PM
SDP is the social democratic party in the UK. A bad political party with little support...

what's wrong with Quinn & Collins?
soulhappyhour... - long beach, Ca. - 3Sep2003 9:41 AM
i asked pat this one night in LA backstage after their roxy show circa 1986. he said 'nobody covers "pale blue eyes" and gets away with it, mate'

you... - 5Jun2003 11:16 AM
so then anyone could tell me what SDP means?

Soul Happy Hour
monkeyboyart... - Toronto, Canada - 24May2002 12:21 PM
The best song indeed. I just fished out an old cassette of early Butcher songs (circa 1988) on a whim, only to discover his liquor tunes are truer than ever. Makes a man thirsty!