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Big Return
cedomil... - Cheda, Belgrade - 23Apr2020 3:24 PM
Don't you think it's high time we finally get lyrics to The Big Return version?
It's literally nowhere to be found.
Well, me and Max and Dave and Jones we think you ought to get out there and stop it! :)

mikey_doyle... - Mike - 10Sep2010 2:32 PM
This is funny. You've not lived till Mark E Smith has slagged you.

But I want the original!
cliftonr... - Clifton in Honolulu, Hawaii - 8May2006 9:34 PM
So does the original version (the one which appeared on the US v of Bloody Nonsense) appear on any album now in print?

I just picked up a copy of Scandal in Bohemia and will be adding Draining the Glass, but it's just not the same as that first exultant version of SMS which was part of my first JB exposure. Along with 'The Devil is My Friend' - and I have the same question there, is that on anything currently in print and affordable? Vinyl copies of Bloody Nonsense are apparently selling for about $75 to the mad, desperate and/or lucky.

Uptempo version
nicodelbosque... - Bozeman, USofA - 11Apr2005 12:28 PM
This is my all-time favorite Jazz Butcher song (with close competition from Nothing Special). This record rarely leaves my turntable at this time of year - still the perfect theme for a spring afternoon pub crawl after all these years. Thanks for the music, Pat!

The original version is on the US compilation Bloody Nonsense - good luck finding it! I don't know why they put the "big return" version on the Draining the Glass compilation, which does have some great Glass Records era track on it (but no Jazz Butcher v. Prime Minister!). I still prefer to listen to the vinyl, but it's nice to have a backup!

ideas... - tim - 1Apr2005 8:13 PM
...but why can't I ever find the more "uptempo" version of
"Southern Mark Smith"?

I, like most of you, have really fond memories of those years
listening to these songs...but for some reason, I can't find the

Anyone know where to find it?

Thanks Butchie for all the great times!

Dreaming of a Southern Mark Smith
stromk... - Grand Rapids, MI, USofA - 27Aug2003 8:55 PM
In a short span of time, I have had several dreams about listening to Jazz Butcher records (always vinyl). In the first, I discovered, with great delight, that I had a box of Jazz Butcher cereal in a cupboard at my mother's house. I ate a bowl of it while I listened to Southern Mark Smith.

In the second, I found a Jazz Butcher record including a cover of Sympathy for the Devil. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Next, I dreamt that I was listening to another Butcher record featuring a song all about Sticky Language Goo. I thought this was absolutely brilliant, and I jealously wished that I had written this song myself.

Lastly, I was taking a psychology class in which the Butcher was the professor. I realized that I hadn't been very paying very close attention to the class, and that I would do very poorly on the final exam. The test asked us to describe the five stages of grief. I wrote something about denial, and then got up and left thinking that I didn't really need to be in this class anyway. After the test was over, I came back. I was relieved to find that he didn't seem to mind that I had blown off his class. He smiled at me flirtatiously.

Mark E. Smith again!
marc... - Darmstadt, Germany - 27Jan2003 12:19 PM
Hi again,
ok - after reading your comment on this song, i'm sure that it will fit perfectly into our project: A collection with worldwide songs about MES (for example Barbara Manning, Chris Cacavas, I, Ludicrous...) Hope to hear something from you!
MES Superstar Project c/o marc[at] or