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mad eyes, serious earrings
okschuler... - Carol, Lansing - 31Oct2021 11:10 PM
Absolutely perfect. Exquisite. One of my top 5 of Pat's songs. Kept me sane* while my mother was dying in the hospital.
*for a certain value of sane, obviously

jesusblood... - Chris Nicklin - 23Aug2021 7:43 PM
Anyone know the chords for this tune? I get the general idea it starts G/C but get a little lost after that, could never play by ear! Thanks, Chris

aq... - Admiral Quality/Toronto - 16Jan2018 2:35 AM
This one breaks my heart too. It's been part of my guitar repertoire for so long, but have I ever really thought about it?

Thank you for everything, Pat.

...does it every time
gracemarimba... - Richard in Boston, MA - 23Dec2013 6:32 AM
i saw these guys several times throughout the nineties, but never heard sister death performed quite the way i hear it in this version. what a gem this recording is; that additional gtr solo brings tears every time.

This song never gets old for me
Spencerf_iii... - Spencer - Arizona - 24Jul2012 9:51 PM
The swell of guitar that comes in at 3:11 always tickles my brain. I love this song.

Sister Death
rondillon... - Pleasanton, CA USA - 13Aug2002 11:01 PM
My friend John and I used to play this song together..
He was the biggest Butch fan in the worls and his claim
to fame was this: At the Great American Music Hall in
S.F. he gave pat a copy of his demo. Months later John
got a postcard from Pat thanking him. That postcard,
that simple postcard was the most prized possession
John had.

John passed away a couple years ago and I miss him
more than you can imagine. Listening to The Jazz
Butcher brings John back to me and I can imagine us
playing all these songs - him singing, me trying to be
Max pissed as a rat....

And the crazy thing? The sadness these songs bring to
me is dear. I'm sad that John is gone and that's ok.
These songs let me be sad. Sister Death and a few
Guinness and I'm crying and telling John I miss him and
that's good.

I'm pissed now and I'm mising John and loving The
Butch and wishing we were back at The Great
American Music Hall...

Love to you all, no matter who you are,