The Jazz Butcher Feedback

pat... - pat, NN1 - 17Oct2006 10:46 AM
The bar I am singing about was in Los Osos, California.

Sweetwater location
zaichick... - David James - 12Oct2006 5:46 PM
I live in the area where the "Sweetwater" bar is located. Pat wrote this song about a night out at this particular watering hole which neither of us knew was a gay bar until 3 drinks into the evening...
it's on Broadway in Long Beach.

Sweetwater is sweet
adrian... - Portland, Oregon USA - 1Jun2003 6:10 PM
I've never been to the bar for which this song
is named, but I intend to one of these days.

I love the song's laid-back, cheerful mood
which stands in contrast to the rather somber
songs on the Waiting for the Love Bus LP.

The song also has a terrific arrangement with
a tinkly keyboard line which reminds me of
Brian Wilson and sunny California in general.
The song ends with synthesized heavenly
chorus that sounds a bit like that lovely hymn
on Brian Eno's Apollo Atmospheres CD.

I'd like to think that this was Pat's intention
when he put this one together.

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