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Love this song, thank you & RIP Pat
hulamika... - lanikai 91016 - 16Jan2022 12:13 PM
I've enjoyed this song since I found it many years
ago among this wonderful website's many treasures.
And now I just saw its apparent sole documented
live performance (per above Live Stats), courtesy
of the Fishy Mansions shows archived here. I wish
I had known about them to in real time. So Thank
you to the keepers & contributors of this valuable
site for saving these gems.

And most of all, THANK YOU PAT - for the countless
songs (because I can only count so high) and many
decades (because I'm old) of pure joy that your
music has gifted to us mere mortals. Even though
you were mortal too, your music remains immortal.
Rest in peace. -from California

PS- My mom enjoyed hearing Southern Mark Smith
(Big return) when she was forced to hear my music
since I was driving. She pondered quietly but
aloud "why don't you play more music like this" or
something. In contrast, she thought my Radiohead
selections were like Buddhist chants. She was in
her 70's at the time....Also RIP.
PS2-Happy Fishing New Year!

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