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Still In My Dreams
robtamf... - Robert F, Wappingers Falls - 1Jun2023 12:06 AM
A few days ago I had a dream I was at a show watching Pat and Max play this song. I don't know why that popped into my slumber, but I sure wish it was true. Then I felt compelled to mention it here. Dream on Pat, you are missed.

phaedrakelly... - Carrboro - 26Apr2019 5:42 PM
Wow. Gotta go listen to that Lucy Jordan song pronto. I love it that your songs are still unraveling their meanings for me. Thanks for that. This is one of my favorite JBC songs.


Long time coming
tempusfugit... - Russel CLT NC - 4Jul2010 8:02 PM
About this song: i'd always thought the specficness of the line "Ballad of Lucy Jordan" was interesting but fictional. Today, I pick up the new Shel Silverstien tribue album - and i'm blown away. What a great reference!

Pat, you should annotate some of these, if for nothing else than to hook folks up with some neat stuff.

Thanks for the music that still means a lot what, 18 years later?

this is
the.walking... - Aly//North Carolina - 17Oct2009 10:27 PM

It's on Distressed Gentlefolk
msewell... - Matt, Oxford - 19Jun2009 5:07 AM
... which I'm sure one can find second-hand somewhere, though why not download brand new off amazon?

i can't find this song!
divachanteuse... - Lisa in Manhattan - 18Jun2009 8:26 AM
i agree this is a great song. but i cannot find it anywhere. how can i find it on cassette or CD? help? it's such a great song. it's how i discovered Jazz Butcher to begin with back in 1986

god that was a great year!
long live great music like this!

sarkanbalt... - Paul, Denver Colorado - 30May2008 9:38 AM
Jesus H Christ I forgot how brilliant this song is.