The Jazz Butcher Feedback

delove... - doug - 11Oct2008 6:29 PM
Man, I wish somebody would re-issue some of the early CD's ... they cost of mint if you want to own one.
You gettin' any of the money Pat?
Love ya.

csaighman... - Tsinnie/Denver - 18Apr2008 12:38 AM
This song brings back some very fond memories. I lost my copy of this cd a few years back, and recently remembered this song... It took me days to remember enough of the lyrics to find it online:P

Who is...Rosemaryu da mn
neardrums... - Mike/USA - 13Mar2007 8:56 PM
Who is...Rosemaryu da mn


Who is Rosemary Davis anyway?

Do I do it whenever I'm told?

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