The Jazz Butcher Feedback

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jesusblood... - Chris, Lancsaster - 18Sep2020 7:37 AM
Just found this:
And down in the comments by 'Anonymous' at 8:33 AM is this:

"You may not be the only irrational person when it comes to Ray and
Chrissie's rocky relationship. Have you ever heard the song
"Racheland" by the Jazz Butcher? It is on a 1990 album called
Condition Blue. Check it out. Fantastic album. I saw them a few years
back and the JB was still rattling on about La Hynde!"

Love 'Racheland', always puts a lump in my throat

Too right
pierssutton... - Piers, California - 12Dec2008 1:12 PM
I'm lazy so just echoing what was already said. But I am sure you shouldn't mistake silence for a lack of fans. Great works, and more to come I hope :)

condition blue
markv421... - Cambridge Mass - 24Mar2003 7:53 PM
I never travel without this CD. No, not really, but some of the melodies are so GD delicious, I get goose flesh everytime. It must really frustrate you (PF) because you wrote some of the most potent English pop of the 80's-90's and you were never known. Makes me quite sad, really. I continually spread JB gospel. I mix you up next to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Os Mutantes and White Stripes. You will always be a great man for including Chrissie Hynde in a lyric, even if it was scathing. She still matters to me as does Mark E. Smith.
Mark Vachon
Cambridge Ma

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