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If it was only a rumour
djbuege... - Douglas Madison WI - 21Feb2023 11:49 PM
I keep tearing up and pouring through my JBC library. A year and a half later and I find Pat walked on. I know I'd had a silent fear that he was going soon and I never dared to look for confirmation. Today, I turned one of my 8th graders on to "Domestic Animal" and "Only a Rumour" and I find out Pat's absconded with his amazing world view into the post-life. This is the song I always return to. It speaks to me as no other song in this world ever did. Pat once Sharpied on the wall of First Avenue: "US out of the alphabet." I'll miss you, Pat. I'll raise a Hacker-Pschorr to you soon!

okschuler... - Carol in Lansing - 6Apr2022 7:01 PM
The answer to the question "how many years." Alas.

was released on CD
johnrobinson... - John Robinson Plainfield, IL - 11Jul2012 6:50 PM
I've got it on the GLASS release Cat. no GLACD-009 Scandal in Bohemia/Sex & Travel.
Spectacular tune. Is it the same Susie from Fishcotheque?

jesusblood... - Chris, Lancaster - 17Dec2007 1:20 PM
Love this song - hit on some of the chords (I think) many years ago, but could never get them all down - think the intro/verse is E7/A7 and the 'close your eyes' but is DM/DM7/D7/D6, but then the 'I've tried to be silent and reasonable...' bit? Can someone put me out of misery? Yeah, I know, a monkey should be able to work it out, but damn it, I'm not a monkey!

vinyl is degradable
edmund... - bristol - 11Dec2005 1:40 PM
why oh why has the studio version of this wonderful song never appeared on CD ? (correct me if I'm wrong)

Give us an mp3 butchie !

megli... - Mike Egli - 25Jul2003 11:11 AM
This is one of my favorite JBC songs, and so few viewings and no comments... I always go for the sappy ones, this, Still and All, oh the anguish...

I know the railway bridge I'd jump from.