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All your gigs and music
johnspence1967... - Baltimore - 17Aug2021 10:57 PM
I'm sorry, but I gotta stick up for my bros. All you want them to do is play a show in San Francisco, the opposite side of the world. You got a pad for them to crash, can you chauffeur them. They deserve nothing less but are much to polite to ever ask and impose.

Nicest guys in the world at least set up 2 weeks of shows, Berkley, san fran, santa cruz, lotsa spots. Pat, Max, Owen (even in Germany), and Steve I love you all and will always have your back

All your gigs and music
johnspence1967... - John Spence/Diane White dcsd - 17Aug2021 10:44 PM
I am so glad, you, Tundraducks, & Owen are still performing and recording. The only problem I have is finding our photos you were so kind to post and credit to dear old mom. It's doubtful you remember, you did an East Cast trip, Max was really sick, & I wish you let me play the kazoo. You told me a friend flew you out for the wedding & we caught Phillie, DC, skepped NJ, but couldn't miss NYC. I think we honestly surprised you. Steve was great on bass, still trying to figure that one out. I'm sure I'll find the photos and my rambling review, unless you took it down for the good of humanity.

I've hooked up a British ex-pat. He's working in China, but he does sign off from Love Kittens.

Meow Meow Meow Meow . and a perfect note to end this one.I love you all, you made me & mom so happy that road trip, I'll never forget it.

Please Come to San Francisco
juliegnelson... - Julie in San Francisco - 17Oct2018 8:39 PM
Play a show in San Francisco?

Los Angeles Let Down
kaufmad... - Los Angeles - 21Aug2018 4:35 PM
I received an alert that The Jazz Butcher would be playing Los Angeles next week (27 Aug). Turns out there's a local band using the name in its plural form. This is a let down. Please sue.

SF Bay Area?
laura.dean... - Laura - San Jose, CA - 4Apr2018 12:31 PM
Saw JB about a decade or so ago in San Francisco
at the Great American Music Hall. Probably one of
the most fabulous shows I've ever seen. Would
love love love to see you again!

Edgar435... - CJ Glasgow - 25Jun2017 1:46 AM
Its been over 30 years since I seen you live, but I am looking forward to the gig in October.
Just think I could have a life sentence and still made both....

Will we ever see you in Tornto Again
stephen... - Steve Toronto - 3Feb2016 8:42 PM
Hi Pat,

I've enjoyed reliving all the (sadly now defunct) RPM shows on this site. Any chance we will see you sans Max in Toronto again?

One Thousand Violins
jocknroll... - Paul Johnston, Dunfermline - 14Mar2014 4:03 PM
I'm trying to pinpoint a date of a "Spring Fling" gig you did at an Oxford University. One Thousand Violins also played that night and maybe one other band. I thought it was around about the 12th or 13th of May 1989 but nothing matches it on your gigography. Do you have information that could narrow it down? Cheers, Paul

o, when
khmora... - kayclarkssecret - 22Jan2008 6:37 AM
might you be coming to the u.s. again? specifically new york? it would make me crazy happy to see you live again.


eric... - Eric Suesz San Francisco - 15Oct2007 4:16 PM
I third the fellow who said come to San Francisco. Puhleeze.