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I was there...
sgrahamofnz... - steve graham - 10Jul2002 1:59 AM
I was working as a stagehand at the Polytechnic where I was spending more time on bands and not enough time on my degree. Having failed to win election as the Social Secretary (78 votes) I helped the new incumbent blow a large part of the annual budget on booking The Jazz Butcher. We had a rather apathetic student population in my time there and couldn't give away tickets for most of the bands we had. I must have played the Fishcoteque album about ten times over the college PA system in the week before the gig, to no avail, shouting at people to buy tickets as they set one foot on the steps down to the Student Union subterranean flea pit. I met Pat Fish and thought he was very down to earth, friendly and polite. I also helped set up the stage for the band and organise their food. About 100 people came to the gig which was a shame as they were excellent. They were a very tight playing group that year and were well received by the sadly thin audience.
PS I didn't get my degree but I have great memories of some of the fine bands I was fortunate to see for free.

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