The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Dim jerky far away
morph... - John Chandler, Nowhere, NC (USA) - 20Nov2007 4:57 PM
(as WSB would say)... Pat got frustrated with his guitar at one point, as is was not specifically his instrument of choice (that would be the one referred to (facetiously or otherwise) as "Emma"), and after a bit of futzing around, rotated it down around behind him, saying, "stuff it!"

"Soul Happy Hour" was played, I have a possibly drug-induced memory of a remarkably assaultive guitar break in "The Devil Is My Friend," and "Take The Skinheads Bowling" was covered.

I didn't see the J. Church fellow, or maybe just didn't recognize him, not knowing him from Adam.

Those of us positioned near the board heard the Roxy sound guy, during Alex Chilton's opening set, respond to Alex's requests for better foldback by growling, "Get your own sound man, asshole." But I digress.

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