The Jazz Butcher Feedback

billynomates... - Pat Fish, NN1 - 14Jun2021 9:04 AM
There was supposed to be a US tour in the summer of '87. The US record company failed spectacularly in the business of organising our work permits, visas and so forth. I saw some of the correspondence that they sent to the State Department. It would have embarrassed a teenager. Our people in London got on the case, but by the time the problems were sorted, several of the scheduled dates had already passed. It would have been financial suicide to come over for the few remaining dates. So why did the US record company, which had been so helpful in 1986, fail so miserably in 1987? Simple. The label head had sacked everybody at the label who knew what they were doing. He did this cover up the fact that he was asset-stripping the company and trousering all the cash for himself. Bloody shame.

June 26, 1987 in Chicago
andrewrhall... - Andrew in Japan - 13Jun2021 3:04 PM
There was a scheduled gig on June 26, 1987 at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, with Soul Asylum and Urge. The Jazz Butcher cancelled. Was this part of a larger US tour that summer?

missing gig!
david.todd10... - Dave T - 17Nov2001 2:25 PM
How about adding 16th May 87, a solo gig (I think!). Spacemen, Midnight Choir, Inspiral Carpets and others at Shefield University, psychedeic kind of night.

Sure it counts as a Butchy gig.

Glad to see Salisbury City Hall november 88 in the list, spent ages setting that one up myself!

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