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My Girlfriend was there
captainpass1969... - Mark C - San Jose CA USA - 28Oct2013 9:03 PM
My Girlfriend at the time saw the band. She loved it so much that when I spotted a JB record a bit later, I bought the thing and played it to death. I also turned on my good friend, Matt O. (who was one of the early Internet leaders of the JB fora in Southern California). The rest, as they say, is history. Much love.

I was there too
jbianch... - John - Chicago - 3Sep2008 9:08 AM
with Mike in fact. We got up on the roof of Metro while the Precious Wax Drippings droned on and on. One of the best nights I ever had there.

I was there
mikeaffeldt... - Mike Affeldt - 1Sep2008 9:51 PM
The Greatest show ever.

i was there
goldstar58... - Dave Stuebe louisville ky - 5Aug2008 9:49 PM
i had covered drink a bit earlier that year as well
always a fan

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