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d.m... - DAVE-at-THE-LOO - 5Mar2007 11:02 AM
I went to the show with John, my brother Chris, and another friend Derek. I was the new be of the group. John had lent me a mixed tape of what he had entitled 'the essential butcher beat - file under wigged out' as a primer. Loved the show! Totally forgot about the waltzing Matilda thing. Could've sworn they played Roadrunner. Have been a fan ever since. Still have my collection on vinyl, actually transferring them to digital since it is so hard to find them on CD/MP3 these days.

July 25, 1986, The Loft
hymers... - John H - 1Oct2000 2:12 PM
Actually, the show was a two-parter - an underage gig at 6 PM and a licensed gig at 9.30 PM. This set-up allowed me, at age 17, access. It was a marvelous show, but my favourite memory is that I was let into the club with a few friends while the band was still doing the sound-check. The club manager realized the mistake, and asked us to leave. Pat Fish, however, told him that it was alright with him if we stayed. As a vocal check, he sang the entirty of 'The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda' - it was breath taking. I still have a 10cm x 12cm card announcing the gig, if anyone wants a scan. This may sound pretentious, but I use it to mark off my favourite section of 'Being and Time' ... .
cheers, john

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