The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Roote Receptions
brianmaguire... - Chicago - 9Oct2021 4:13 PM
To this day I can't believe it. I was there but hadn't heard of the Jazz Butcher so we didn't go to that gig. The shame of it. The horror. We went to the same stage but it took us (as I recall) 45 minutes or more to make it through the crush of people on the foot bridge between the Students Union and Rootes. I was worried someone would be injured or worse--it was almost terrifying. We were determined to see REM. We saw the end of Jonathon Richman and the REM show was fantastic. I became a huge Jazz Butcher fan a year or two later and will always regret missing this gig. Miss you then and now, Pat.

Paul Daintry... - London - 21Jun2002 4:42 AM
I was there. Yes I was. A staggering evening - JB, REM and the Great God Richman all in one night..! Pat and the boys were kicking up a storm in the low-down, low-ceilinged Airport Lounge as I recall. Lovely.

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