The Jazz Butcher Feedback

paul.howes... - Pauly - 12Apr2006 11:58 AM
Yep, we still talk about it, what a night.......

It really was grand
ruse23... - russ,Brighton - 5Jul2004 6:25 AM
Steve's right. A gig when inebriated madness seemed to be within everyone’s reach. A complete, but happy blur! A legend in Basildon Butcher fans minds (and we only had small 'uns).Most of us have now dispersed to other places but this gig will stay with us wherever we go. Sigh! When is the Butcher playing in Brighton? (hint hint)

Great Gig!
steve.armitage... - Steve.Armitage - 24Apr2004 10:59 PM
Great Gig! and Fondest Memorys! Love to Russ, Pauly, Malc Age and Everyone else I went to the gig with!

Love, Peace and Bananas

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