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The Wimbledon Party
therealwendyt... - Langley Mill, Derbyshire (ex of Northampton) - 6Nov2005 7:00 AM
It was a hell of a long time ago, but I remember this gig well, I think it was for the launch of the Bath of Bacon LP on Glass records. The place was a gorgeous victorian pile, not far from the common. The band played on a landing, outside the only toilet. While I remember the gig was fantastic, my most vivid memories are, sadly, of becoming stuck in the loo. When the band plays, no one can hear you scream! Max, I think, had to rescue me, it went thus
"you wiggle it from that side and I'll wiggle it from this side."
Lock wiggling takes place, no result.
"Ok, stand back"
I obligingly withdraw to the loo. There is a dull thud that wafted the Lou Reed poster on the door but otherwise had no effect.
"OK, you wiggle it from that side and I'll wiggle it from this side..."

Incidentally, I did have an original copy of the LP but someone nicked off to Australia with it. Stefan, I want it back!

Wendy Turner

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