The Jazz Butcher Feedback

decelles_andrew... - San Diego - 6Oct2005 3:46 PM
The night started at the Frolic Room each of armed with our own favorite Vodka drink Grey Hounds for Joe, Vodka Martini's for George and Francis and Kamikaze's for Mark and I, The definition of Kamikaze will be sufficient to describe the rest of the night ,(having or showing reckless disregard for safety or personal welfare) next Stop. Dan Tana's (next store to the Troubadour, it was easier to get drinks as well.. more of the same for all) The Band played Electricity filled the air in addition to the Unused vapors of Vodka emanating from our pores. Despite the lack of a sound check the music was to shelf, a surprise guest of the night form our college days Karen M. appeared and asked who the Jazz Butcher was and what genre of music they played I replied. "Jimmy Buffet on acid meets The Beatles from Hell" what did I know I was Drunk. We ended up back at the Frolic Room for last call, followed by questionable Mexican food at a taco shop with a "B" Rating. By all accounts it was yet again our finest night.

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