The Jazz Butcher Feedback

May 20, 1992
mbuchart... - Markus Buchart, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 20Mar2013 11:21 AM
May 20, 1992: I was there at the Spectrum and saw the Butcher!

It was just after my birthday. My (then) GF bought some tickets, the Condition Blue album, and a t-shirt.

I never thought I'd ever get to see The Butcher but there he was and they were. Great show.

I remember a mildly irritated Pat Fish between songs at one point pointing his guitar pick at someone and asking (well, it was more in the nature of telling) that person, "Hey, don't fuck with me." (For the record, it wasn't me that the "guitar pick of guilt" was directed at.)

I also recall the final encore was a very respectful jangly guitar version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", a gentle, classy way to end a blazin' rock and roll show.

I echo what others on this site have said: we wish that more JBC were available on CD or MP3. (Please.)

Thank you for the great music.

Markus Buchart
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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