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JB Bogart's Show
gregngardner... - Greg - 2Feb2002 10:20 PM
An odd show, but memorable nonetheless. Looking at the tour schedule, I can understand why the performance seemed at times a bit, well, subdued. Still, I particularly recall being happily surprised at many moments. Certainly the darkest JB show I recall having seen, and at the time it seemed appropriate (lots of reasons, historical and otherwise. I know I felt it, anyway!) Fans of "Scandal in Bohemia" may not have been well-rewarded, oh well.

The opening band was Lovingkindness, whose show consisted of "Sgt. Pepper's" in its entirety. That may have contributed to the dark mood of the rest of the evening, now that I think . . .. It may just as well have been due to the assorted maritime smells that usually permeated Bogart's.

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