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rehearsal !
eforedward... - from Muswell Hill originally from far east - 6Oct2003 9:22 PM
That night was my very first time to see someone's gig in other country.
I didn't know when it starts, didn't know how to kill the time, so I was walking around the Dingwalls about 6 pm or so.
When I approached the entrance, of course no audiences were there, but a good looking girl said to me "OK you can enter now!" and of course so I did.
Then I found Pat was reading a book leaning on the wall.
But due to lack of my English skill I couldn't speak to Pat....
After some minutes, Pat and co. started their rehearsal.
The opening song was "Lot 49" - one of my most favourite Butch songs at that time.
They finished rehearsal, I went out for dinner alone (of course).
And.. at 9 pm or so I joined the queue.
Butch gig was of course outsatnding.
Thanks Pat, I will never forget that great gig forever and ever!

Dingwall's Gig
chris.nicklin... - Lancaster, UK - 23May2002 10:49 AM
A great gig, although the audience were somewhat tepid. Some oldies played ('Love Kittens') and a MONSTROUS rendition of 'Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present' which FINALLY got the audience a-boppin'. Had to peg it before the closing bars of whatever and the closing bar in order to catch the last tube back to Reading (gutted).

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