The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Life, music and the Butcher
darinb25... - Big Tweed - 8Feb2002 11:35 AM
There comes a time when a man is forced to look back on his life and wonder if he's done anything of consequence. Looking back, I can honestly say, "My God, I was naked far too little." But I can also say I was lucky enough to catch one of the finest musical performances of my lifetime, and many other lifetimes as well. The combination of the Blue Aeroplanes and the JBC together - in one night - was the kind of pairing that God Almighty himself may have created in the Heavens: Like gin and tonic, rum and Coke; tequila and lime or even, vodka and Gatorade.

The JBC collective was indeed in fine form, alternately romping through wall of guitar ballads and up tempo tunes. Damn, what a night. I too remeber the Butcher;s snide remarks about the somewhat haphazard operation of said soundboard - but, twas only a minor destraction from a blissful night of entertainment. The highlight of the night was the muscial free-for-all that was a rendition of Tom Verlain's "Breaking in my Heart" Both bands crowded onto the stage to create the kind of musical equivalent of, well, something really big and important and requires that special type of metaphor that only a more talented writer could create.

Bravo Pat! Bravo!

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