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patfish.nn1... - Pat NN1 - 24Oct2017 10:54 AM
Heh! No, you were right all these years. I think Glasgow was the first time I ever played it in that key. I was all set up to do Thoughtless Kind when somebody called out for Girlfriend so I did it in this key so that I could move (relatively) smoothly from one song to the next. Sorry for freaking you out like that.

89 - 17
Edgar435... - Namsilat Rhythm - 21Oct2017 1:38 AM
Fantastic to meet Pat last night after a frankly astonishing gig, genuine good bloke on top of what we all know to be a unique songwriting talent.

I also have to compliment Pat on his voice, so many acts of this vintage have gone a bit crusty round the vocal chords, not Pat, still sounds 80's fresh...just like 89 (which he remembered, not me, I just knew it was somewhere between 88 and 91)

I look forward to the new album, Genghis Khan and the Fish.

Whilst I wish you could reap the full rewards for your talents, these intimate gigs are the best way of absorbing such fine songwriting.

I also realise Ive been playing 'Girlfriend' in the wrong key for 34 years.

All the best for the future.


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